Custom Software

Business Application Development

GINGON Solutions specializes in Business application development. Manage & Track your data seamlessly!

We at GINGON realize the increasing demand for improving your business processes to work to make your organization more efficient, more automated, and more streamlined.

Custom Business Software Design

Data tracking, management & reporting are the lifeblood of efficient business in today’s streamlined  business landscape. Gingon builds applications to empower your employees and  push forward your organization into the next business generation.

Our custom business software is the industries leading complete management software application that is custom designed for your business. With fully-integrated lead management, sales, marketing, and operations modules, GINGON software solutions give you more power and flexibility than you ever thought possible!

Physical and Cloud-based Networking Solutions

A business network consists of computers, terminals, wiring, switches, routers and internet connections that allow employees, owners and customers to access information and run applications from a variety of locations. Your network is how you manage every aspect of your business, and must be as robust and flexible as you need it to be.

We will evaluate your IT system and we will provide several solutions that will be the best fit for you and that will grow with your company. We are fully capable of installing, configuring, maintaining and supporting an entire on-site enterprise-wide network. We use only the best IT professionals and the finest equipment in the industry to ensure that your local area network (LAN) or wide-area network (WAN) is running at peak performance. We also provide 24/7 support every day of the year to monitor, maintain and upgrade equipment when necessary.