Welcome to Gingon Solutions!


(More importantly, what is “gingon”?)

GINGON (pronounced JIN’ JOHN) is a beautiful city in Europe that is known to its inhabitants for its breathtaking scenery. The name was adopted by us several years ago as a tribute.

Our philosophy has since then grown parallel to what the city represents– beauty and elegance. We at GINGON take extraordinary care in creating designs that are elegant and developing systems that can be appreciated by everyone using them.

Learn how GINGON can bring its skills to you.

  • Custom Business Software Design
    • Custom-built applications for all your business needs. Database-driven software accessible from anywhere in the world to create, manage, build reports, generate invoices, and much more!
  • Visual Web/Graphic Design
    • Custom visual designs with easy-to-navigate buttons & exciting graphics and animation.
  • Media Marketing Management
    • Make your Internet presence stand out through search engine placement, strategic partnering, and ad placement and design.

GINGON Solutions is driven on two concepts that propel the efficacy and reputation and organization — design and data management.

Management of data is the lifeblood of an organization because it influences all facets of an organization from sales to budget to accounting.  GINGON uses the most modern programming languages and database developments to accomplish this quickly and efficiently.

Design is more than  an art form — it dictates how others perceive you.  GINGON employs the most advanced design, music and animation techniques in the industry.

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